I like computer programming for the opportunity to create something from nothing, to have a piece of my own logic and imagination observe and manipulate the physical world.

Professional experience

I've started out with DEC PDP-11 and Intel 8088 assembly languages, and ended up writing a book on x86 assembly language (in Russian: 2nd edition on Amazon 2nd edition on Amazon (another printing, I think) 3rd edition on Amazon), which still generates occasional fanboy episodes on IRC.

Later on, I've also got to work on the OS kernel of LynxOS, investigating and fixing issues, which introduced me to concurrent programming.

While working on books, in 1999, I happened to edit the Russian translation of Effective C++, which made me appreciate the necessary complexity of that language. Since 2005, I've been using modern C++ (with boost libraries) in multithreaded, real-time environment.

2014 note; this homepage is quite outdated, my free time is dedicated to cppreference.com


I participate in several online communities, mainly ones having to do with C++

profile for Cubbi at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Hobby projects

Fibonacci numbers implementation using seven different algorithms in 19 programming languages, with some benchmarks.

The Hacker Test is an ancient survey of computer folklore which I commented with lots of spoilers.

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